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Body Works By Joel & Associates.


Current Global Economic Events: Coronavirus Disease 2019-current

There is an ongoing outbreak of respiratory illness caused by a new type of coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). There are a number of cases globally including the United States. On February 26th, the CDC confirmed a possible instance of community spread in the United States.

Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses, some causing respiratory illness in people. Signs and symptoms, similar to the common cold or the flu, include a runny nose, cough, sore throat, fever, and general feeling of being unwell.

For the most up-to-date information on the outbreak, please visit the CDC's COVID-19 website.

If you traveled to areas currently affected by COVID-19 and feel sick with fever, cough, or difficulty breathing, you should:

• Avoid contact with others.

• Do not travel while sick.

• Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve (not your hands) when coughing or sneezing.

• Wash hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol immediately after coughing, sneezing or blowing your nose.

• If you need to seek medical care, before going to your doctor’s office, call ahead and tell them about your recent travel and your symptoms.

• Discuss travel to China with your healthcare provider. Older adults and travelers with chronic medical conditions may be at risk for more severe disease.

• Effective close of business Friday, March 20, all restaurants in Arizona counties with confirmed COVID-19 cases are required to provide dine-out options only.

• Effective close of business Friday, March 20, all bars, movie theaters, and gyms in counties with confirmed COVID-19 cases are required to close.

• Halt all elective surgeries in the state of Arizona.

• If someone in your family has tested positive for COVID-19, keep the entire household at home and contact your medical provider.

• Expiration dates on Arizona driver licenses are delayed.

• State-wide closures of Arizona schools through Friday, April 10, 2020.

o When school resumes, school administrators should develop and implement precautions to ensure schools are a safe learning environment, including social distancing measures, regular intervals for administrators to wash and sanitize their hands, and guidance on how to properly and frequently sanitize equipment and common surfaces.

• Recommendations to cancel or postpone mass gatherings of 10 or more people.

• Recommend teleworking and other alternatives when available.

Body Works By Joel Public Outreach and Education.

Currently Body Works by Joel clinic staff all have been following the current travel and hygiene protocols since October of 2018 set out by the CDC. We are also screening each and every client prior to every appointment based on the guidelines placed by the CDC. As practitioners of pain relief working hands on with the human body we want to assure you we have always had the options and will continue these options for our practitioners too use gloves and face masks being worn prior, during and post your treatment for our comfort and protection. In Addition, we thoroughly clean high traffic areas and common surfaces with disinfectants such as bleach, Lysol and Hydrogen Peroxide sprays to disinfect those same areas every hour of operations. We disinfect each bottle and piece of equipment before and after each treatment even when accommodating our in home treatments. The following are additional cleaning and business protocols:

• We currently utilize three local Laundromat Wash and Fold locations for of our laundering needs.

• We keep all of our clean linens in our Massage room cabinets to decrease distance of travel and contamination of business


• We place all post treatment linens in the “Glad Large KitchenPro” Drawstring 20 gallon bags. These are then placed in a designated room inside the clinic.

• We wear disposable latex gloves during our daily deep cleaning protocols every 2-4 hours.

• We keep all sprays in the Employee designated storage areas.

As of March 26th possibly through April 10th Body Works By Joel will be taking the following precaution amidst the tragedies of this epidemic:

• We are limiting to seeing only 4 clients per day in Office.

• We are limiting to seeing only 2 clients in home per day.

Each client may be assessed with a Pulse Oximeter, Thermometer, and Blood Pressure cuff in our diligence to continue to ensure the safety of the staff and the patronage of our community. We take pride in our preparedness, professionalism and essential detail to attention when it comes to our individual hygiene, hygiene of our office and clients. Here are some of the practices we already have in place

• Every time our staff members walk into the office they wash their hands in addition to before and after each treatment or lunch, snack break or restroom break.

• There is a designated employee closed door area where any and all food and water are safely kept.

If you have any Questions feel free to contact the owner: Joel Gilchrist L.M.T. at 480.381-5779

Contraindications of Massage:

1st Trimester of Pregnancy. Resent injury or surgery, specific disease or physical or mental disorders such as high blood pressure, shingles and others.

General 1st treatment: For every client a medical history and assessment prior to treatment is admionistered. We recommend that you show up at least 10minutes prior to your appointment for additional information needed to best provide customer service and treatment.

Before your massage: To Do list:

Always consult with your acting Primary Physician or Doctor before attending a

massage treatment. (Referral Prescription preferred.)

Drink the appropriate amount of water daily for a minimum of 3 days prior to your massage

Ensure enough sleep a week prior to your massage treatment

Cancellation Policy: All Cancellations by phone or text 24 hours or more prior to your schedule massage appointment will not be subjected to a cancellation fee. If a client cancels his or her appointment within 24 hours of their scheduled massage they will be subject to a $25.00 fee or loss of certification/voucher purchased/gifted to said client We respect your time. If your scheduled massage treatment is cancelled or rescheduled within 24 hours of your appointment time by your Massage Practitioner or owner ten said client will be given a full complimentary credit for one 60minute or equal Massage treatment at no additional charge.